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Material(s) Used Aluminum honeycomb
Description of form/shape Cube
IA to Anti-Intrusion Plate mounting method Adhesives
Anti-Intrusion Plate to Front Bulkhead mounting method Weld
Peak deceleration (<= 40 g's) 23.6 g's
Average deceleration (<= 20 g's) 10.9 g's

Confirm that the attenuator contains the minimum volume 200mm wide x 100mm high x 200mm long


Figure 1: Force-Displacement Curve (dynamic tests must show displacement during collision and after the point v=0 and until force becomes = 0)


Figure 2: Energy-Displacement Curve (dynamic tests must show displacement during collision and after v=0)


Energy Absorbed (J):
Must be >= 7350 J
8184.28J Vehicle includes front wing in front of front bulkhead?     Yes
IA Max. Crushed Displacement (mm): 168.2mm Wing structure included in test? Yes
IA Post Crush Displacement - demonstrating any return (mm): 41.8mm Test Type: (e.g. barrier test, drop test, quasi-static crush) quasi-static crush
Anti-Intrusion Plate Deformation (mm) 19.5mm Test Site: (must be from approved test site list on website for dynamic tests) School of Mechanical Engineering Tongji University


                                                 Figure5: The size of the impact attenuator

Length (fore/aft direction):       210     mm (>=200mm)
Width (lateral direction):          200      mm (>=200mm)
Height (vertical direction):       150       mm (>=100mm)
Attenuator is at least 200mm wide by 100mm high for at least 200mm: Yes

   This size if the impact  attenuator  designed  by Zhangjiagang Jianglian Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd


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