Aluminium Honeycomb Vacuum adsorption platform Aluminium Honeycomb Vacuum adsorption platform

We are professional aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturers for mechanical working platform. All plates or machine parts aluminum are designed according to the design drawings from the factory, no standard size. The structure of the superior stability of aluminum honeycomb core aluminum honeycomb panel using the surface smoothness and filling, ensure the smoothness of each deformation does not exceed 0.05mm, Aluminium honeycomb Printing Bench, instead of the traditional marble platform, wooden pad platform, PP vacuum platform. Ultra light structure for printing rotary operation platform, can reduce the motor and chain load, save more cost for the factory. We inherit the factory of Taiwan for more than 40 years of technology and strictly control the seams, and perfect edge chamfering. Leading the industrial revolution.

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  • Model: FWB86-T50
  • Brand: RBTCH
  • Code: 7616991090
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